Welcome to Precision Comic Book Pressing. We are a dedicated, full service comic book pressing company. Aside from comic book pressing, we offer dry cleaning of comic books and interior newsprint page de-acidification.

Over the last two years, we have offered on-site comic book pressing at comic shows and conventions such as: Los Angeles Comic Con, Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention, Phoenix Comic Con, Albuquerque Comic Con, San Diego Comic Fest, Comic Con Palm Springs, Heroes and Villains San Jose, and Great American Comic Con: Las Vegas.

We have been providing comic book pressing services throughout Southern California and now offer comic book pressing nationwide.

Why choose Precision Comic Book Pressing?

1.            Our basic tenet to comic book pressing is: Do No Harm. In order to do no harm, it is important to thoroughly understand the science behind pressing a comic book. Not only so no harm comes to the book, but to obtain the best possible results for your comic book.  Many so called “pressers” who learned how to press via trial and error or by a video are actually doing damage to the books they are pressing and don’t even know it.

2.            A basic understanding of physics and organic chemistry is essential in order to press, clean and deacidify a comic book. Understanding the application of Boyles, Charles and Gay-Lussac’s Law, the ideal gas law and how pH affects the condition of comic book newsprint.

3.            We utilize the proper equipment to obtain the best possible results. We own and operate the same type of presses used in libraries and museums. We don’t use hobby presses, presses made in Asia or presses that do not provide evenly distributed pressure. Our presses are high quality, industrial grade presses which allow us adjust the pressures and temperatures accurately.

4.            We use the safest and highest quality materials to press, clean and deacidify your comic books. Once again, these are the same materials that libraries and museums use.

5.            The results! Our customers rave about the results they have obtained by using our pressing service.